Signage with an environmental focus


Vitra Signage Systems Australia offers a product

that is the most sustainable signage material

in the market place today.


The sustainable attributes of our product are:-

Long lasting - no need to continue replacing reducing land fill and expenditure of valuable resources on replicating the same or similar sign over and over again.

Non Toxic - vitreous enamel is based on natural materials and does not rely on petro chemical based ingredients. Graffitti removal can be achieved without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated with no links to overseas parent companies.

We are committed to imporving our work practices from an environmental stand point, currently we use grey water, ensure minimal impact on site installation and have adopted Green Power and a green based web company.



We believe that even our choice in the type of sign we purchase can have a positive impact for future generations.



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